Our Processes

Every aspect of our studio and the projects within it are handled with a great deal of focus and quality. From our behind the scenes processes to our amazing artwork and client interactions we are sure to handle each task with proper care. We have worked very hard to create the amazing systems to help our clients with planning their special day. We have created helpful documents for each part of the wedding process to help make sure our clients have all of the necessary information for them to plan their perfect day . We meet with our clients on multiple occasions to make sure we are prepared for their wedding well in advance.

Our studio uses professional grade equipment including drones, gimbals, Sony a7s II's, Canon 5D Mark III's, external lighting, audio equipment and a wide array of lenses. Our team is combined with some of the cities most talented & passionate photographers/ cinematographers each with the ability to shoot and edit in a variety of styles. Our goal is to make sure your vision comes flawlessly to life. The culture of our studio is professional, fun creative & motivated. This is our full-time career and we are lucky to make a living by sharing our talent with the world.

The Studios

The Artists

Austin Van De Ven
Shyah Yan Zarrabi
Imtiaz Rashid
Ian Hopkinson
Kevin Courtney
Kathleen Fraese
Jennifer Hallett
Jacob Crawford
Jasna Vukos
Oliver Ward
Tiffany McMillin
Stephanie Cliche
Jonathan Delgado
Moe Shirani
Kai Jacobson
Oliver Rabanes
Isabella Sarmiento
Sarah Arfan
Youn Park
Joshua Regan
Vanessa Fukuyama
Meagan Kristina
Juliette Capdevielle
Kateryna Postykina
Jake Michael

Follow us on Instagram @beautifullifestudios

Follow us on Instagram @beautifullifestudios