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Russian weddings in Vancouver are always packed with lots of love, excitement, loud laughter & hugs for all! Thank you so much for allowing us to capture your wedding photography at one of our favorite venues Brix & Mortar.

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This was our first engagement shoot after British Columbia's Covid-19 Lock-down. Photographing Samir & Alexia's engagement at Kitsilano Beach was a lot of fun, but a little tricky due to the high volume of people not at work and relaxing in the sun! One of the best things about capturing photographs is the emotion, love and laughter behind them.


As the skies begin to open during the covid pandemic, capturing this beautiful wedding reminded us how much we love what we do and gave us a very promising outlook on the begging of what may be a new chapter in weddings and events. Any wedding photographer will tell you that passion and creativity thrive at smaller intimate weddings surrounded by those who truly matter most. Weddings of the future may not be as large …

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