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Furry Creek Weddings

Vancouver, BC is favoured for its mountainous landscape, proximity to adventurous destinations, and it's friendly community. When it comes to Vancouver Weddings, locals and visitors undoubtedly seek a setting that embraces these qualities and more.

While we have come to love many of the unique venues this year, Furry Creek Golf Resort holds a dear place in our hearts, and most importantly, for our happy couples!

The memories formed from a breathtaking location with unobstructed views, unique settings, and an incredible team to carry you through a seamless day, will last a lifetime! We could not more highly recommend a venue to begin your adventure as a married couple!

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A Place To Unwind

Furry Creek offers the anxious groom a vast space to unwind before his wait at the aisle.

He and his friends can relax on the course, taking advantage of a full round, or a playful putting match. They are sure to have a blast!

A Girls' Oasis

And while your groom is out on the green, the ladies have a beautiful sanctuary to get dressed, drink a few mimosas, and share a tender moment with friends and family before the festivities set in!

The Venue

Furry Creek's ceremonial venues are in and of themselves a striking setting, which will leave your guests with incredible memories of the vows you share.

Whether the sun is shining, or the iconic BC rain is leaving its mark, Furry Creek has you covered. Your ceremony site will boast epic views, or a rustic and cozy atmosphere. And the enthusiastic staff are always ready to provide you with shade, or bring you a blanket!

A Romantic Backdrop

From the lush forest, to numerous bridges, train tracks, and the waters edge, Furry Creek offers an incredible range of settings for your romantic photo session.

Governing your own golf cart, prepped with all the drinks and food you will need to maintain your energy, you are set the tour the grounds!

It is a wonderful outing to keep your bridal party in good spirits for those highly sought after candid moments! It is also the perfect space to reminisce on the adventures that have led you to this monumental moment as a couple.

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Follow us on Instagram @beautifullifestudios