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James & Nnenna

Who knew backyards would be the luxury of 2020?

Like most couples, 2020 had a quite an impact on James and Nnenna's vision of their wedding. Gone were the high ceilings and luscious floral of VanDusen Botanical Garden. But it was replaced with something even more stunning: a home in south Vancouver that seems like it came out of a dream.

Vinelli and her team at Power of Three transformed this incredible property into an extraordinary venue, surrounded by the greenery that Nnenna loved. It had the intimacy of a well loved home with the setup of a luxury venue; it truly was the best of both worlds.

There's a certain resilience people have who push through tough times intrinsically have, and James and Nnenna have that in spades. They are as kind as they are beautiful. They moved through their day gracefully and effortlessly. Everything they did looked incredible, from our journey to UBC for the wedding party portraits, to colour soaked streets as we took advantage of the setting sun.

We are so grateful to have been included in this incredible day.

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Follow us on Instagram @beautifullifestudios