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Nathan & Ashley - Redwoods

It's a match.

A simple swipe brought Nathan and Ashley together. Funny enough they had no idea their worlds were already entwined, as their people had been connected to each other for years.

After proposing in a hot tub on Galeano Island surrounded by their friends they began planning a wedding that was uniquely theirs. Ashley spent months designing an incredible macramé for their ceremony, a beautiful accompaniment to their boho vibes.

After using the gorgeous backdrop of Fort Langley for their portraits, we headed to Redwoods Golf Course for their ceremony and reception. Even with a 50 person limit, their wedding was full of life and love. From Nathan gifting his art, to beautiful video testimonials from the people who couldn't be there, this was an unforgettable night for everyone.

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Follow us on Instagram @beautifullifestudios