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Sean & Natasha

...said all great lovers, and you know it!

‘Netflix and Chill’ has become intrinsically linked to the singleton dating scene, but we brought the phrase back to exuberance last night with a beautiful home session.

A relatively new approach to engagement sessions, and most certainly a more intimate one, there is no better way to get close with your bride and groom than to hunker down with a taste of home-grown-romance!

Netflix & Chill

Natasha and Sean are that one of a kind love you aspire to in youth, and can only dream of for your children. Every emotion is cherished, every move with an ease of synchronicity only found in a partner of the soul.

Their story began in the days of recess, gym class, and standardized testing. For years they crossed each other's path through mutual friends. When one was single, the other dating. While one aspired to mould little minds, one pushed convention's boundaries every time. It was an improbably romance, and to no more poignantly quote the 21st century's notorious romance, they "never knew what they were missing".

And so it continued, till one night at a bar Tash's eyes caught a glimpse of her future, and an impression of The Worm that imprinted on her heart. But as in most tests of fate, their story would no sooner begin. Sean was leaving for Europe, and a three month assignment.

Worth The Wait

Extraordinary acts build an extraordinary life. Sean could not live this more truthfully. He posed in pictures outside every monument and iconic structure he could find, wearing a shirt with Tash's face across the front. She had never been to Europe, and he knew he had to share it with her in a memorable way. Of course no act of this nature could go without salute. When his longing eyes disembarked three months later, she was waiting with a shirt of her own, and a comedic reprise in toast to their forever.

And With Some Me-N-Ed's...

...they reminisced on their story!

Through great adventure, and great simplicity, they are in bliss in each other's arms. There is not much more we can ask of life and love.

So with a mouthful of quite possibly the best pizza toppings I have ever tasted, and a heart rich with hope, I wished another couple adieu till their nuptials.

So In Conclusion

I have a lot more respect for Netflix and Chill!

written and photographed by Kathleen Fraese

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Follow us on Instagram @beautifullifestudios